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Phone # 011-(599) 542 - 0106
Fax # 011-(599) 542 - 0666

The following information has to be emailed or faxed to us:
Orders can also be placed by phone.



 DHL account # (if you have one):

Phone #:


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All Cigars are in Boxes of 25, Unless otherwise mentioned.
If you prefer, you can order a mix of various cigars instead of a box of one kind. Cost will be calculated Pro Rata + $35
All  Prices are in US Dollars.
Cigars will be packed with utmost care in boxes and shipped, by Fedex  (or UPS or DHL if you prefer)
Approximate Fedex charges are $50 for the first 2 LBS         (About 50 Cigars)
You can opt to pay Shipping Charges at your end if you Provide us with your Fedex or DHL or UPS account #
Payments can be made by: Master Card , Visa , Discover  or  American Express

* $10 will be handling & repacking fee per box will be added.

* Cigars will be shipped at your Own Risk